We are leading distributors of electronic components from North America. We have
millions of parts in stock and have access to large inventory. We can meet your
need for any electronic part, Please send us your request  by
(sales@theheadway.com) or Fax (1-510-996-7480) or submit your
RFQ Online.

Why you need to worry to source components ?. We are here to help you and will
provide excellent services.
Headway Stock List
RN25X6491F RN25X6752F RN25X6810F RN25X6813F
RN25X7000F RN25X7320F RN25X7452F RN25X7500F
RN25X7501F RN25X7900F RN25X8001F RN25X8060F
RN25X8202F RN25X8251F RN25X8502F RN25X8503F
RN25X8660F RN25X9652F RN25X9760G RN2702(YB)
RN2905 RN2VT19AA-TL RN30X1002F RN30X1004F
RN30X1302F RN30X2371F RN30X46R7F RN3RT35AA-TR
RN41C2B2101FP RN41C2B2492FP RN41C2B4992FP RN41C2BTE1103F
RN41C2BTE1502F RN41C2BTE1872F RN41C2BTE2003F RN41C2BTE2611F
RN41C2ETE2611F RN41CBTE1542F RN4601 RN4602(VB)
RN4605(VE) RN4607 RN47A2 RN4904(VD)
RN4906 RN4906(VF) RN4907(VH) RN4910VK
RN4983 RN50C1000F RN50C1001B RN50C1001F
RN50C1053F RN50C10R0F RN50C1102F RN50C1103F
RN50C1152F RN50C1243F RN50C1272F RN50C1273F
RN50C12R7F RN50C13R3F RN50C1402F RN50C1403F
RN50C14R0F RN50C14R7F RN50C1583F RN50C1620F
RN50C1621F RN50C1622F RN50C1653F RN50C1693F
RN50C16R9F RN50C1740F RN50C1743F RN50C1782F
RN50C1821F RN50C1871F RN50C1871FB14 RN50C1912F
RN50C19R6F RN50C2000F RN50C2001F RN50C20R0F
RN50C2150F RN50C2151F RN50C2153F RN50C21R5F
RN50C2212F RN50C22R6F RN50C23R7F RN50C2741F
RN50C2743F RN50C2803F RN50C2870F RN50C2873F
RN50C3010F RN50C3012F RN50C3013F RN50C3093F
RN50C3163F RN50C3243F RN50C32R4F RN50C3403F
RN50C3573F RN50C3653F RN50C3833F RN50C4021F
RN50C4022F RN50C4123F RN50C4323F RN50C4420F
RN50C4421F RN50C4423F RN50C4530F RN50C4750F
RN50C4990F RN50C5361F RN50C5492F RN50C5621F
RN50C5762F RN50C60R4F RN50C62R5F RN50C6491F
RN50C6810F RN50C6981F RN50C7150F RN50C7501F
RN50C8062F RN50C8452F RN50C9090F RN50D1001F
RN50D1693F RN50D1741F RN50D2001F RN50D2051F
RN50D2152F RN50D2212B RN50D2212F RN50D2430F
RN50D3571F RN50D4991F RN50D5112F RN50D82R5B
RN50D82R5F RN50D9312B RN50D9312F RN50E1001F
RN50E1072B RN50E1072F RN50E2871B RN50E2871F
RN50E4872B RN50E4872F RN5202 RN5202A
RN5205 RN5507502F RN551242F RN552700F
RN556492FD RN559310F RN55B1432B RN55C-8K-.5%
RN55C1.55K1% RN55C10.3S.1% RN55C10.5S.1% RN55C10.7S.1%T2
RN55C10.9S.1%T2 RN55C1000F RN55C1001B RN55C1001C
RN55C1001F RN55C1002F RN55C1003B RN55C1003F
RN55C1011F RN55C1013F RN55C1020F RN55C1021B
RN55C1021C RN55C1021F RN55C1022F RN55C1040B
RN55C1050C RN55C1050F RN55C1052F RN55C1053F
RN55C1070F RN55C1071F RN55C1072C RN55C1072F
RN55C1073F RN55C1078S.25% RN55C1084.5S1% RN55C10K5
RN55C10R0F RN55C10R2F RN55C10R4B RN55C10R5F
RN55C1100F RN55C1101BJ RN55C1101F RN55C1102F
RN55C1103F RN55C1104F RN55C1111B RN55C1130B
RN55C1130F RN55C1131B RN55C1131F RN55C1132B
RN55C1132F RN55C1133F RN55C1143F RN55C1150F
RN55C1151F RN55C1152F RN55C1153F RN55C1154F
RN55C1180F RN55C1181F RN55C1182C RN55C1182F
RN55C1183F RN55C11R0F RN55C1200B RN55C1201B
RN55C1210E RN55C1210F RN55C1211F RN55C1212F
RN55C1213F RN55C1220F RN55C1232B RN55C1240F
RN55C1241F RN55C1242F RN55C1243F RN55C1251B
RN55C1251F RN55C127 RN55C1270F RN55C1271D
RN55C1271F RN55C1272F RN55C1273D RN55C1273F
RN55C12R7F RN55C1300F RN55C1301B RN55C1301F
RN55C1302F RN55C1321B RN55C1323F RN55C1330F
RN55C1331F RN55C1332F RN55C1333F RN55C1352C
RN55C1353F RN55C1370F RN55C1371B RN55C1371F
RN55C1372F RN55C1373F RN55C13R0F RN55C13R3F
RN55C13R5B RN55C13R7F RN55C1400F RN55C1401F
RN55C1402F RN55C1403F RN55C1411F RN55C1430F
RN55C1431F RN55C1432F RN55C1433F RN55C1452D
RN55C1452F RN55C1453D RN55C1470F RN55C1471B
RN55C1471F RN55C1472F RN55C1473F RN55C1493F
RN55C14R0F RN55C14R3F RN55C14R7F RN55C1500F
RN55C1502D RN55C1502F RN55C1503F RN55C1504F
RN55C1521B RN55C1523F RN55C1540B RN55C1540F
RN55C1541F RN55C1542F RN55C1543F RN55C1561D
RN55C1563F RN55C1580B RN55C1580F RN55C1581F
RN55C1582F RN55C1584B RN55C15R4F RN55C15R8F
RN55C1600B RN55C1600C RN55C1602B RN55C1602D
RN55C1620F RN55C1621F RN55C1621FJ RN55C1622B
RN55C1622F RN55C1623F RN55C1640F RN55C1649ST21/10W
RN55C1650F RN55C1651B RN55C1651F RN55C1652F
RN55C1653F RN55C1671F RN55C1672B RN55C1690F
RN55C1691F RN55C1691FJ RN55C1692B RN55C1692F
RN55C1693F RN55C16R2F RN55C16R5F RN55C16R9F
RN55C1720B RN55C1722D RN55C1740F RN55C1741F
RN55C1742F RN55C1743F RN55C1751F RN55C1761B
RN55C1763F RN55C1781F RN55C1782F RN55C1783F
RN55C17R4F RN55C17R8F RN55C1800F RN55C1801B
RN55C1802B RN55C1820F RN55C1821B RN55C1821F
RN55C1822B RN55C1822C RN55C1822F RN55C1823B
RN55C1842D RN55C1852F RN55C1870F RN55C1871F
RN55C1872F RN55C1873F RN55C1891B RN55C1893B
RN55C18R2F RN55C18R7F RN55C1910F RN55C1911F
RN55C1912F RN55C1913F RN55C1922F RN55C1923F
RN55C1933F RN55C1960F RN55C1961F RN55C1962F
RN55C1963F RN55C1980B RN55C19R6F RN55C2.43M1%TR
RN55C2000B RN55C2000F RN55C2000FTR RN55C2001B
RN55C2001F RN55C2002B RN55C2002F RN55C2003B
RN55C2003F RN55C2050F RN55C2051C RN55C2051F