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Headway Stock List
MC54HC4353J MC54HC4538J MC54HC51J MC54HC564J
MC54HC564JD MC54HC58J MC54HC595AJ MC54HC595J
MC54LS367JD MC597X4-016W MC597X4-030W MC6005
MC601 MC6020D MC6026D MC603
MC603FL MC603Y MC604Y MC604YF
MC61-C104M MC61-T0-510-5% MC61T0-2K-2% MC621
MC623 MC624 MC6444XS186 MC65D-142.1K-1%
MC65D-157.7-1% MC65D-20S-1% MC65D-396.2-1% MC65D-54.9-1%-T2
MC65D-70.46-1% MC65D-93.95S MC65D28.05S MC65D4750F
MC660TL MC663P MC663TL MC664
MC664L MC665L MC665P MC666L
MC666P MC667P MC668L MC668P
MC669 MC66C-127-1% MC66C-374S-1% MC66D-1%-274S
MC66D-243-1% MC66D-301S-1% MC66D-31.6-1% MC66D-3200F
MC66D-340S-1% MC66D-340S1% MC66D-71.5-1% MC66D1%931K
MC66D1.43K1% MC66D1.65K1% MC66D18.2K1% MC66D2.05K1%
MC66D2.43K1% MC66D24.3KT11% MC66D2432F MC66D56R2F
MC671P MC672L MC672P MC675L
MC677 MC677P MC678 MC678TL
MC679TL MC680 MC6800 MC68000
MC6800010BVXAJ MC68000AL8 MC68000FN10 MC68000FN12
MC68000FN8 MC68000L MC68000L10 MC68000L12
MC68000L8 MC68000L8D MC68000LC10DS MC68000P-12F
MC68000P10 MC68000P12 MC68000P12F MC68000P8
MC68000R12 MC68000R8 MC68000RC10 MC68000RC12
MC68008FN10 MC68008FN8 MC68008FN81C88P MC68008L8
MC68008LC10 MC68008LC8 MC68008P10 MC68008P8
MC6800BNMIL MC6800L MC6800P MC68010FN12
MC68010L10 MC68010L12 MC68010L8 MC68010LC12
MC68010P-12 MC68010P12 MC68010R10 MC68010R12
MC68010R8T MC68010RC10 MC68010RC12 MC6801L1
MC68020 MC68020-16/BZAJC MC68020FC16E MC68020FE16E
MC68020RC-15 MC68020RC12B MC68020RC15 MC68020RC16B
MC68020RC16E MC68020RC20E MC68020RP16E MC6802CP
MC6802P MC68030FC40 MC68030FE25B MC68030FE25C
MC68030RC16B MC68030RC20C MC68030RC33B MC68030RC50B
MC68030RC50B-S MC68030RC50C MC68030RC50C0G40W MC68030RP25B
MC68032RC16C MC6803CP-1 MC6803G MC6803P
MC6803P-1 MC68040 MC68040RC33 MC6804RC25A0
MC6805 MC6805U3 MC680610P12 MC6808P
MC6809 MC6809EP MC6809P MC6809PC65P
MC6810 MC68121L-1 MC68150FN33 MC68153L
MC68153P MC68160AFB MC68160FB MC68175H42F
MC68194FJ MC6820 MC6820RC2OE MC6821
MC6821B MC6821CS MC6821L MC6821P
MC6821PDS MC6821S MC6821SQL MC68230FN8
MC68230L8 MC68230P10 MC68230P8 MC6828P
MC68302 MC68302CFC20C MC68302FC-16C MC68302FC16C
MC68302FC16C0H42T MC68302FC20C MC68302FE16C MC68302FE20C
MC68302PV20C MC68302RC16 MC68302RC16C MC68302RC16CI
MC68302RC20C MC68302RC25C MC68306FC16 MC68331CFC16
MC68331CFV16 MC68331CPV20 MC68332ACFC16 MC68332ACFC20
MC68332ACPV16 MC68332ACPV20 MC68332ACPV25 MC68332AMFC20
MC68332CFC16 MC68332GCFC16 MC68340FE16E MC68340FE25C
MC68340FT16E MC68340FT25E MC68340PV25C MC68360CEM25K
MC68360CFE25C MC68360CZP25K MC68360EM25K MC68360EM25VL
MC68360EM33K MC68360FE25C MC68360FE33C MC68360RC25
MC68360ZP25VL MC6840/68B40 MC6840/BXAJC MC6840L
MC6840P MC6840S MC6843SL MC6843SP
MC68440L10 MC68440L8 MC68440R10 MC6844P
MC68450L10 MC68450L8 MC68450R10 MC68450RC10
MC68451L10 MC68451L10-2A91K MC68451L8 MC68452P
MC6845P MC68488P MC6850P MC6852P
MC6854CL MC6854L MC6854P MC68605FN10
MC68605R010 MC68605RC10 MC68605RC16 MC68606RC16B
MC68606RC16C MC6860BJCS MC6860L MC6860P
MC6862P MC68652P2 MC68661PA MC68661PB
MC68661PBT MC68681 MC68681FN MC68681FN+A7574
MC68681L MC68681P MC68681PT MC6868FN
MC68701 MC68701CS1 MC68701L MC68701S
MC68701S-1 MC68701S1 MC68701U4L MC68701U4S
MC68701U4S-1 MC68701U4S1 MC68705P35 MC68705P3CS
MC68705P3L MC68705P3S MC68705P5S MC68705PBS
MC68705Q5U35 MC68705R3CS MC68705R3S MC68705R5CS
MC68705R5S MC68705S3CS MC68705S3S0A20T MC68705U3CS
MC68705U3L MC68705U3S MC6875L MC68764
MC6880AL MC6881RC16B MC68824FN12H MC68824RC12H
MC68824RC16H MC6882AL MC6882BL MC6882RC25H
MC68836FNB MC68837FCE MC68837FCE2E37K MC68838FCC
MC68839FEC MC68840FE25B MC68840FE33B MC68848PV
MC68851RC16A MC6885L MC6885P MC6886P
MC688701S MC6887LMC8T97L MC6887P MC68881C16YBRCC
MC68881RC-20 MC68881RC16 MC68881RC16A MC68881RC16B
MC68881RC20 MC68881RC20A MC68881RC20B MC68882
MC68882FN20A MC68882FN25A MC68882FN33A MC68882RC16A
MC68882RC20A MC68882RC33A MC6888L MC6888P
MC6889L MC6889P MC68901 MC68901FN
MC68901FN3C19M MC68901P MC68915FN70 MC689HC360EM33K
MC68A00P MC68A09EP MC68A09P MC68A21P
MC68A44L MC68A488 MC68A50P MC68A54P
MC68A701S MC68B00P MC68B01PI MC68B02P
MC68B02P-R MC68B03P MC68B09 MC68B09EP
MC68B09FNR2 MC68B09P MC68B21 MC68B21CP
MC68B21P MC68B40CP MC68B40P MC68B40PDS
MC68B44P MC68B45P MC68B488P MC68B50
MC68B50CP MC68B50P MC68B52P MC68B52P(24)
MC68B54 MC68B54P MC68B54P1N6R MC68B701S