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Headway Stock List
MC1496G MC1496J MC1496L MC1496N
MC1496P MC1496PG MC14C88 MC14C88P
MC14C89 MC14E-10-6PN MC14LC5436P MC14LC5447P
MC14LC5480DW MC14LC5480DWR2 MC14LC5480P MC14LC5480SDR2
MC15/14STZ35BD1-14 MC1503AU MC1503U MC1505L
MC1506L MC1508L MC1512GF3 MC1514
MC1514L MC1514L/LH1 MC1514LH/I MC1520
MC1520/BIAJC MC1529G MC1531G MC1536G
MC1538R MC1539 MC1539G MC1540G
MC1544 MC1545G MC1546L MC1550G
MC1552G MC1553G MC1554G MC1555
MC1556/BGAJC MC1556G MC1558G MC1558L/883
MC1558L/883B MC1558P MC1558UB MC156-32.768K(12.520)
MC1563G MC1563K MC1563R MC1568
MC15684 MC1568G MC1569BZAJC MC1569G
MC1569R MC1590 MC1590G MC1590GD
MC1594L MC1595 MC1595L MC1595LB
MC1596 MC1596/BCAJC MC1596F MC1596G
MC1596L MC1608T0515R015 MC1648 MC1648/BCBJC
MC1648FN MC1648FNR2 MC1648L MC1648P
MC1650F MC1650L MC1650P MC1651L
MC1658 MC1658D MC1658L MC1658P
MC1660L MC1662S MC1664BFBJC MC1664S
MC1665IR MC1666S MC1668S MC1670F
MC1670L MC1670S MC1672 MC1672L
MC1673S MC1674L MC1674S MC1688L
MC1688P MC1690F MC1690S MC16921
MC1692F MC1692L MC1692LDS MC1692S
MC1697P MC16D150K MC1709CG MC1709G
MC1710CG MC1710G MC1711CL MC1711G
MC1711L MC1712CG MC1723/BIAJC MC1723CG
MC1723CL MC1723CP MC1723G MC1723L
MC1733CL MC1733CP MC1733G MC1733L
MC1741CDR2 MC1741CG MC1741CP MC1741CP1
MC1741CU MC1741G MC1741NCP2 MC1741SCP1
MC1747G MC1748CG MC1748CPI MC1776
MC1776CP MC1776CP1 MC1776CP1KKCA MC1804P
MC1808P MC18EZHMJW103 MC1900F MC1950G
MC1AV6 MC1C100E/15056G4 MC1C108E/15056G8 MC1C120E/15057G4
MC1C180E/15054H8 MC1C180E/15058G7 MC1C210E/15054G8 MC1C210E/15054H7
MC1C210E/15054H8 MC1C210E/15055H0 MC1C210E/15055H2 MC1C210E/15056G8
MC1C210E/15056H0 MC1C210E/15056H6 MC1C210E/15057G1 MC1C210E/15057G4
MC1C210E/15057G8 MC1C210E/15057H0 MC1C210E/15059G0 MC1C210E/15059G2
MC1C210E/15059G3 MC1C210E/1505E23032 MC1C210E/1505E33040 MC1C210E/1505E33057
MC1CE/15055H1 MC2/0-716R MC20-1R0K MC20-R010M-TR
MC2012L MC2025L MC206-32.768K(12.520) MC20C-135S-5%
MC2100F MC2124L MC2126F MC2165L
MC21C683M MC23-48 MC250-.1-1% MC2661PA
MC2661PB(MC68661PB) MC2674B4P MC2674B4P75E MC2681FN
MC2681P MC26C31D MC26LS30DR2 MC26LS31D
MC26S10DR2 MC26S10P MC27-34 MC27042P
MC27C32BQ MC27C64Q MC2831AP MC2833D
MC2833DR2 MC2836 MC2836-T12 MC2836-T12-2
MC2836T122 MC2838 MC2838-T12-2 MC2840-T12
MC2846 MC2848 MC28F008-12/Q MC2901LC
MC3-4014P MC3-4157J-6.8-5 MC30-100J-TR MC30-331K-TR
MC30-821K-TR MC3001P MC3002P MC301
MC3012 MC301G MC302 MC3028L
MC302G MC3049 MC3050P MC306-32.768000KHZ
MC306-32.768K(12.520) MC306-32.768K(8.210) MC306-32K(1550)-L2 MC306-65.536K(11100)
MC3060L MC3060P MC309 MC309G
MC3101/BCBJC MC310G MC317M MC3224E20-16P-LC
MC3232AP MC3242AP MC3242APD MC3301DR2
MC3302 MC3302D MC3302N MC3302P
MC3303 MC33033P MC33035 MC33035DW
MC33035DWG MC33035P MC33035PG MC33039D
MC33039P MC3303D MC3303DR2 MC3303L
MC3303N MC3303P MC33063ADR2 MC33063AP1
MC33063AP1G MC33064D MC33064D-005 MC33064D-5
MC33065DWLR2 MC33071AD MC33072D MC33072DR2
MC33074 MC33074AD MC33074D MC33074DAR2
MC33074DR2 MC33074P MC33077DR2 MC33077P
MC33078D MC33078DR2 MC33078DT MC33078N
MC33078P MC33079D MC33093DW MC33110D
MC33120P MC33121FNR2 MC33121P MC33128
MC33151VDR2 MC33152P MC33161 MC33161D
MC33161DR2 MC33161PG MC33164P5RP MC33166T
MC33167T MC33171P MC33172 MC33172D
MC33172DR2 MC33172DT MC33172P MC33174
MC33174DR2 MC33174DR2G MC33174P MC33178DR2
MC33179D MC33179DR2 MC33184D MC33184DR2
MC33197AP MC33201DR2 MC33202 MC33202D
MC33202DR2 MC33204D MC33204DG MC33204DR2
MC33204P MC33215B MC33219ADW MC33219D
MC33262P MC33269D MC33269D-3.3 MC33269D-5.0
MC33269DR2-3.3 MC33269DT-5.0 MC33269DT3.3 MC33269DTRK-33
MC33269DTRK-5.0 MC33269ST3.3R2 MC33269T-3.3 MC33274AD
MC33274ADR2 MC33274D MC33291DW MC33304
MC3333BYK MC3335P MC33362DW MC33362DWR2
MC33393YTM MC3340 MC33411BFTA MC3346
MC33464N-27ATR MC33464N-30ATR MC33464N-45ATR MC33465N-32ATR
MC33465N-34ATR MC33465N-45ATR MC3346D MC3346DR2
MC3346MC MC3346P MC33470DW MC3356DWR2
MC3356P MC3357 MC3357D MC3357DR2
MC3357L MC3357P MC3359FN MC3359P
MC3361AP MC3361BD MC3361N MC3362P
MC3363DW MC3371D MC3371P MC3372D
MC3372DR2 MC3372P MC3372UMEL MC3373
MC3373P MC3393P MC34001AG MC34001G
MC34001U MC34002DR2 MC34002G MC34002P