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Headway Stock List
KXO-01-1-28.3220MHZ KXO-01-1-50.000MHZ KXO-01-140.0000MHZ KXO-01-16M
KXO-01/16.257M KXO-100-16.257 KXO-100-25.175MHZ KXO-100-28.322MHZ
KXO01-1-46.2000MHZ KXO1001.843200 KXOHCOTS20.000MHZ KXPC8240LZU200C
KXPC860TZP50D4 KXPC860ZP40A3 KY-82 KY82596CA25
KYP04 KYP08 KYS08 KYS30-40
KZ1DPF KZC65DCSN L-05C3N9SV6T L-11-50-0-D
L-1128 L-14-120-2-C L-14-50-0-D L-1489
L-1572 L-23-178 L-32P L-354GD-H306
L-354YGD-H3062A L-395-38 L-478 L-5-30-9
L-513GD L-52-162 L-527EGW-H401 L-53YD-12.5
L-8-40-0-M L-9324 L-934GD-TN2.54 L-934HD-TNB2.54
L-934ID L-937FG/2YGW L-C-3 L-C-4
L00-132 L00293DSGS L00298NSGS L023-0110-200
L03-.05-1% L051S473 L061C332ES L061S562
L063C220 L063C470 L08-1C-272 L08-3C-102ES
L08-3C-151G L08052R2CEW L08052R2DEW L08052R7DEW
L08053R9CEW L08053R9DEWTR L08054R7DEW L08054R7DEWTR
L08056R8CEW L08056R8DEW L08058R2DEW L081C102
L081C222 L081C471 L083C102 L083C220
L083C330 L083C330ES L083C332ES L083C474
L085C221/331 L08A L08C151ES L091S102931
L091S391 L09X821G L0B-3-02-1P L0C110P
L0C640T05100 L0GT671 L0M723J/883C L10-1C-1001
L100J5RO L101 L1011K8 L101C101
L101C102 L101C102ES L101C103 L101C103G
L101C121 L101C152 L101C152G L101C182ES
L101C202ES L101C391 L101C472 L101C682
L101S102 L102011ML04BE L1026C L103C102
L103C330 L103C471 L103C681 L103S102-706
L1043GB L1043GD L1043ID L105C221/331
L105C331/681 L10805H151R-00 L1084D L1084S
L1085S-1.8 L1087-2.85 L1087-3.3 L1087-5.0
L1087-ADJ L10J L1117-2.5 L1117-3.3
L1117-5.0 L1117CST-285 L1120TR5HLC L113GDT
L11P31AD L12-OV-12 L12-OV-24 L12-OV-28
L12-OV-5 L1200 L12050A L120AB
L123 L123C L12SER2509-GP L12TF10S6WA
L1304A L130WDT/EGW L1322526502 L132997827509
L132997958620 L1347739 L1356029 L144
L144BP L146CB L149 L14C2
L14F1 L14F2 L14G1 L14G2
L14G3 L14TF12S6WA L15S-15 L161
L1634B1J000 L165 L165V L1671B1J000
L167200J000 L168200J000 L1682B1J000 L169200J200
L1692B1J200 L16TF14P4N-1 L16TF14POXA L16TF14S6W-1
L1733WOO196 L188EB13 L188EC13 L18TF32P6NA
L18TF88P6N-1 L18TF88P8N-1 L18TF88S6N-1 L190211
L1A0622PD L1A0879 L1A0881 L1A0882
L1A1565-AK6522 L1A1566-AD6532BCB L1A1567-AD6542BCB L1A1612
L1A1714-617190-1 L1A1754TAC L1A2097 L1A2538
L1A3306 L1A3402 L1A3557 L1A3626FEDBA
L1A3736-AD6542BCB L1A4067XX85A0H-B L1A4068XX8575H-B L1A4068XX8575HB
L1A4121 L1A4122 L1A4194 L1A5044
L1A5208FS L1A5323 L1A5328 L1A5378PKFLA
L1A5402 L1A5407-AD6542BCB L1A5440 L1A5550
L1A5580FSDBA L1A5636 L1A5719001XX857 L1A6105
L1A6491 L1A6493 L1A6495 L1A6495-PF8551FLA
L1A6779 L1A7492 L1A7528 L1A7556
L1A7625 L1A7889 L1A7997NEFAA L1A9008/143109-002
L1A9030 L1A9045 L1A9089-004UP95B5FAA L1A9094
L1A9140 L1A9198BMA L1A9308 L1A9329
L1A9349 L1A9353 L1A9375 L1A9522
L1A9550 L1A9618-005 L1A9618-005PY3A04FAA L1A9637
L1A9718 L1B2872 L1B6745 L1B7456
L1B7596 L1B9699 L1F01252P02 L1M55A-20.000MHZ
L1OTF6PON-A L2-5S-SC3 L200B L200C
L200C80A914 L200CV L200TG5B L201B
L2032B1J000 L203400J000 L2034B1J000 L203B
L203CD L2060NA L2080A1 L2091/
L2091/AMB L2091/GRN L2114-2CB L212002MV02QE
L2131704299E L21A5R6AA L2256504309E L22SWB13/15A50-SF065
L22TE19P1N-1 L22TE19P2N1 L22TE19PONA L22TF19P6NA
L22TF96P8N-1 L22TF96P8N1 L22TF96PON-1 L22TF96S4N1
L22TF96SON-1 L22TF96SON1 L231183K00XT L231N
L234D2 L2410 L2462B1J000 L24TF27P8NA
L25453E L256ML123RI L25J3K0 L26-0097
L2600-17 L269928742A339 L2702-15 L272
L2726 L272D L272D-01 L272M
L2800-38 L28002250HS L2905 L291
L291B L292 L293B L293D
L293DNE L293E L293NE L294
L295 L295N20 L296 L296(W88EF935)
L296H-12 L296P L297 L297/1
L297A L297D L298 L298HN
L298N L298P L29C520 L29C520CC
L29C520DC-1 L29C520DMB1 L29C520PC L29C520PC22
L2A0058 L2A0058-002-P33A05 L2A0066 L2A0108
L2A0138 L2A0154 L2A0233-PZ3A04FAA L2A0369
L2A0426 L2A0475 L2A0475003 L2A0520-X10PBUPAA
L2A0555 L2A0562 L2A0566 L2A0640
L2A0650 L2A0681 L2A0695 L2A0788
L2A0791 L2A0801 L2A0817 L2A0846
L2A0850 L2A0855 L2A1144/IY/OPVU/FAA L2A1183
L2A1195 L2A1210 L2A1278 L2A1285
L2A1294 L2A1425-IFAP57FAA L2A1441 L2A1473
L2A1523-001 L2A2017 L2B0564-002 L2B0819PQM
L2B0935-004 L2B1072DPS L2B1275 L2B1525