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Headway Stock List
JV1206Y104MXBMR JV12K JV1N2991B JV1N749A-1
JV2N2905A JV2N3501 JV2N3749 JV2N3868
JV2N4150 JV2N5665 JV2N6301 JV2N6766
JV4249DAS JV481221H JV5 JV5806DAS
JVR10N330K JVR14N180K JVR14N431K JVR5N201K
JW-S11RKKR JW030A1-M JW030A61-M JW050A1
JW050A6 JW050A81 JW050F1-33W JW050F81
JW06-05 JW075A1 JW075A1-J5C JW100A61
JW150A1 JW150B1 JW150F1 JW150F81
JW2SN-DC24V JW90447 JWD-107-3 JWD-107-7
JWD-171-17 JWD-171-25 JWD171-28 JWD1725
JWS-117-1 JX-20 JX-2N6760 JX-4
JX-40 JX-45 JX-96 JX1N2823B
JX1N2835B JX1N2976RB JX1N2991B JX1N3016B
JX1N3018B JX1N3026B JX1N3032B JX1N4938DAS
JX1N5649A JX1N645 JX1N649 JX1N754A
JX1N941B JX1N966-B JX22N5663 JX2N2219A
JX2N2222A JX2N2324AS JX2N2326 JX2N2326A
JX2N2369A JX2N2905 JX2N2905A JX2N2919
JX2N2946A JX2N3019 JX2N3019S JX2N3020
JX2N3253 JX2N3741 JX2N4261 JX2N4369A
JX2N5582 JX2N5662 JX2N5664 JX2N5666
JX2N6052 JX2N6298 JX2N6299 JX2N6301
JX2N6352 JX2N6489 JX2N6758 JX2N6796
JX2N6987 JX4N49 JX5616 JX647-1
JX749A-1 JX754A-1 JX754A1 JX758A-1
JX759A-1 JX966B-1 JXE75112.28000 JXO-5-1.8432MHZ-
JXO-5-10M JXO-5-12.288M JXO-5-12.288M(PB-FREE) JXO-5-12M
JXO-5-14.31818M JXO-5-14.7456M(PB-FREE) JXO-5-18.432M JXO-5-1M
JXO-5-2.4576M JXO-5-2.4576M(PB-FREE) JXO-5-20M(PB-FREE) JXO-5-20M/KCJXO5-20.0000C
JXO-5-4.9152M/KCJXO5-4.91 JXO-5-4M JXO-5-4M(PB-FREE) JXO-5-9.216MHZ
JXO-5-9.8304M JXO-5S-10M JXO-5S-10M(PB-FREE) JXO-5S-12.8M
JXO-5S-12M JXO-5S-12M(PB-FREE) JXO-5S-12M/KCJXO5-12.0000 JXO-5S-14.31818M
JXO-5S-14.31818M(PB-FREE) JXO-5S-14.7456M(PB-FREE) JXO-5S-16M JXO-5S-16M/KCJXO5-16.0000
JXO-5S-18.432M JXO-5S-19.6608M(PB-FREE) JXO-5S-19.6608M/KCJXO5-19 JXO-5S-1M(PB-FREE)
JXO-5S-2.4576M(PB-FREE) JXO-5S-20M(PB-FREE) JXO-5S-3.579545M JXO-5S-4.9152M(PB-FREE)
JXO-5S-8M/KCJXO5-8.0000C5 JXO-5S-9.8304M(PB-FREE) JXO-7-28.63636M JXO-7-40M(PB-FREE)
JXO-7-66.667M JXO-7F-25.175MHZ JXO-7S-21.0526M JXO-7S-24.576M
JXO-7S-24M JXO-7S-24M(PB-FREE) JXO-7S-24M/KCJX07-24.0000 JXO-7S-25.175M
JXO-7S-25M(PB-FREE) JXO-7S-32M JXO-7S-48M(PB-FREE) JXO-7S-48M/KCJXO7-48.0000
JXO-7S-50M JXO-7S-50M(PB-FREE) JXO-7S-50M/KCJXO7-50.0000 JXO738.4MHZ
JXV2N3501 JY1-J-DC5V-H JY10024A JY12HK12VDC
JY48HEK48VDC JZ030 JZ060 K
K-100-22ALB K-100-22CLB K-1853 K-21952S
K-2195M K-2901M K-3369 K-437-187
K-666.1 K-8075(3.3) K-8075(6.1) K-8708
K-9192943-1 K-9X10K K-AL-SD K-BJACK-5P
K-CEC5408 K-D2A-002 K-M25S1% K002.88M3EB
K002992523832 K002992524641 K003.32M4DF K003.48M3DF
K003.57M4DF K004.75M4DF K004.99M4EF K013.11W3XD-P20PPM
K019.10M3EF K02-19-20PND K03-21-30SN K04510152RE
K059B K071KE37 K075.00M4DF K083/174545
K10-58 K10-6200-107 K100J15COGF53L2 K10101C
K10101D K10102B K10120UF15V0041JC K101M
K102K15X7RFTTWA K102P2 K102R K103K15X7RF53H5
K104M20Y5VFVBWN K104S K105M30Z5UFVCXD K1075341951
K107991254062 K109-11D55-12 K10L11A15120 K10P-11A15-24
K10P-11D15-12 K10P-11D15-24 K10P-11D55-12 K10P-11D75-48
K10P-11DT5-24 K10P11A15120 K10P11D1524 K10P11D5524
K11-E9P-N K1100AH-28.620MHZ K1100AM-36.864MHZ K11041
K11041-66.667 K11041-67.000MHZ K11125BAC15.360000M K1115AM-5.760MHZ
K1119 K1120 K1125BAC15.360000M K1135BA
K1144AC44.736MHZ K1144BM29.372040 K1144BX-49.71219 K11498A
K1149AA K1149BC K1150BAC-QNM1100C13 K1158AM5.000MHZ
K1161AM K117 K1200E K120203FSW
K120C10K K120J15C0GHVBWA K124M6Y K1271
K128272FWS K12E183FSW K1300CS-100.000MHZ K1300CS-87.500MHZ
K1300CS-90.000MHZ K1356 K1358 K140XANA
K140XBXC K1462 K15-4 K1518
K1523BA K1523BA-2.3 K1523BA-27.000MHZ K1523BA-29.37204
K1523BA-34.368MHZ K1523BA-35.46895MHZ K1523BA-36 K1523BA16.384MHZ
K1523BA6.327869 K1523BA7.306405 K1524BA32000MHZ K1525AA-27.000MHZ
K1526AA K1526AA-16.384000MHZ K1526AA-16.3840MHZ K1526BAMC34.368MHZ
K1526BAMC39.10965MZ K1526BAMC47.685574 K1527 K155KM
K155KNL K1570AQH37.39824MHZ K1570AQH44.736MHZ K158.00M3EF
K15C35K K1602T-12.000MHZ K1602TEW19.440 K1732ATE6N8J
K177NA575 K19203-JOA K1C12 K1C35K
K1KA60A00150 K1KA80A00111 K1KAA0A00118 K1KAA0A00122
K1R1N35 K1R5J50K K1S321615M-EE10 K1V17
K1VA16 K2-12V-1 K2-BLD K200.00M3EB
K20101D K203.90M3EB K208C K2097
K20HT-E9P-N15 K20P-5DT5-110 K2141 K216.50M3EB
K22-A15-S-N K22-B25P-N K22-B25P-NJ K22-B25S-N
K22-B25S-N15 K22-B25S-N30 K22-B25S-NJ-15 K22-B25S-NR
K22-E9P-N K22-E9P-NJ K22-E9S-N K22-E9S-NJ
K221X2P K224Z20Z5UF55H7 K22A15SN K22C35K
K22E9PN15 K22P15 K240.70M3EB K2485
K24C/M K24V50/60H/10A K25-551400-1500 K25050036
K2698 K270 K27766A K282.90M3EB
K2950MML5 K2950MWL6 K2CU-F10A-C K2CU-F10A-E
K2HD103A0004 K2R2C35K K3-2140-80 K3-K3A
K30-12 K30-14 K30-38 K301
K30101A K3020P K3023P K31-E9P-N
K31-UP-012-E K3154-1 K320025-15-CS30-1 K330J15COGF53L2
K3431-6202 K34PJHFL K35 K359.70M3EB
K3635286728 K3635286738 K37 K372