We are leading distributors of electronic components from North America. We have
millions of parts in stock and have access to large inventory. We can meet your
need for any electronic part, Please send us your request  by
(sales@theheadway.com) or Fax (1-510-996-7480) or submit your
RFQ Online.

Why you need to worry to source components ?. We are here to help you and will
provide excellent services.
Headway Stock List
DL800 DL8120D DL847 DL910-50NS
DLA-400-79-P-1394 DLA400-84-P-P449 DLA900-88-P-J983 DLA90086MJE49
DLA92001P DLA92006B DLC-12 DLD1-156RW6B
DLF2500CCI DLM6-360P DLP-15P-180Q DLP-25P-180Q
DLP-25S-180Q DLP-37P-180Q DLPSLDM-150 DLPSLDM-300
DLR1414 DLR6000ST DLS-09P-100M DLS-15P-100M
DLS-15S-100M DLS-25S-100M DLS-37P-100M DLS-37P-10DM
DLS-37P-200M DLT1104-FC DLT6000ST DLW31SN900SQ2L
DLW5BSN102SQ2L DLX2040-FD-S/01 DLX2040-FD-S/A1 DM-053743-5003
DM-106B DM-4014 DM-53740-5000 DM-53742-5001
DM-53742-5002 DM-53744-25 DM-53744-37 DM-53745-25
DM-800 DM-800-120 DM-800-4200N DM-GR-9-15
DM-OB16P-2 DM-P1L-0P DM/SN7420N DM03-144B2
DM05CC040D DM05FY221J DM08 DM1-1223
DM10-221J DM10-251J DM100-02-0 DM10123
DM10123-D4 DM10123-D5 DM10123D5 DM10123DS
DM10126 DM10126D4HT DM10151 DM10153-70
DM10153-72 DM10153F74 DM10223 DM103-02-0
DM10353-67 DM1039 DM107 DM10CD100J
DM10CD150D DM10CD150J DM10ED220D-C DM10ED750G03-S
DM10ED750J DM10F101J DM10F121J DM10FC271G-C
DM10FD040D DM10FD060D DM10FD070D DM10FD100J
DM10FD111J DM10FD151J DM10FD161G03-S DM10FD221G-C
DM10FD241J DM10FD251J DM10FD330J DM10FD391J
DM10FD510J DM10FD560J DM10FD620J DM10FD680J
DM10FD820J DM11122-D4 DM11123D4HT DM1115176
DM11153-56 DM11153-76 DM11223-D5 DM11226-D4
DM1123-LO DM11237-E2 DM11323-D4 DM11323-D5
DM11323-LO DM11327E2 DM11351-R1 DM11353-76
DM11353-J4 DM11353-N2-HT DM11353-PR3 DM11353-R1
DM11353H2 DM11353Q4 DM1139259 DM11393-35
DM11396-63 DM11396-68 DM11527E2 DM121073-200
DM121073-203 DM12243 DM1303-02E5 DM130338-4
DM130339-4 DM130340-4 DM130342-4 DM130343-1
DM1309-38G6 DM1319-35E7 DM1353-70G7 DM1353-93H0
DM1375-06A1 DM1398-46A6 DM15-122J DM15-251J
DM15-271J DM15-301J DM15-431J DM15-471J
DM15-681J DM15-751J DM15751G DM15751J
DM15C050J DM15CD100J03 DM15E102J DM15E220D
DM15E220G DM15ED102J DM15ED121J03 DM15ED200J03
DM15ED220J03 DM15ED221J DM15ED301K DM15ED330F
DM15ED330J03 DM15ED361J03 DM15ED390J03 DM15ED470J
DM15ED470J03 DM15ED751J DM15ED911J DM15F102G
DM15F161G DM15F431G DM15F621G DM15F621J
DM15F821G DM15F821J DM15FA102JP4CR DM15FC101J
DM15FC102J DM15FC821J DM15FD100J DM15FD101J
DM15FD200J DM15FD201G DM15FD220J DM15FD240J
DM15FD251J DM15FD270J DM15FD271J03 DM15FD361J
DM15FD430J DM15FD431F DM15FD431J DM15FD471F
DM15FD471J DM15FD471J03 DM15FD471K DM15FD500F
DM15FD500J DM15FD501J DM15FD511J DM15FD561G
DM15FD561J DM15FD620J DM15FD621J DM15FD62J
DM15FD680J03 DM15FD681G DM15FD681J DM15FD751J
DM15FD821J DM15FD911J DM16E182J DM1883-CL
DM19-392J DM19-502J DM19F272J DM19F472G
DM19F512F DM19F732H DM19FC512J DM19FC602F03
DM19FD102J DM19FD182J03-S DM19FD222J03-S DM19FD252F
DM19FD272G DM19FD512G DM19FD561F DM19FD562J
DM19FD621G DM19FD622J DM1M32SJ15 DM1O126
DM2000-02-R DM2000-02-RSK DM2050-01-680 DM2054CN
DM207DAA-00T DM20F312F DM2354 DM2454
DM2502 DM2503 DM2504CN DM28C256
DM28C256-250 DM28C256-300 DM28C256-360B DM28C256A
DM28C64A-250 DM28HC256 DM28HC256-90/B DM28HC32-70/B
DM2901AD DM30-333F DM30F183F DM30F203F
DM30F223F DM30F243F DM30FD183J DM30FD333F
DM3100N DM400-02-0 DM47180N DM51157
DM53740-1 DM53740-15 DM53740-18 DM53740-1NC
DM53740-3 DM53740-5 DM53740-5001 DM53740-5002
DM53740-5005NC DM53740-5046 DM53740-5087 DM53741-0000
DM53741-5001 DM53741-5062 DM53742-1 DM53742-16
DM53742-19 DM53742-3 DM53742-5 DM53742-5000
DM53742-5001 DM53742-5002 DM53742-5089 DM53743-16
DM53743-18 DM53743-5001 DM53743-5073 DM53743-5074
DM53743-5076 DM53744-1 DM53744-21 DM53744-24
DM53744-37 DM53744-6 DM53744-7 DM53744-98
DM53745-1 DM53745-25 DM53745-27 DM53745-28
DM53745-7 DM53745-8 DM5400 DM5400J
DM5400J/883B DM5400W DM5400W/883 DM5400W/883B
DM5400W/883C DM5402 DM5402J DM5402J/883B
DM5402J/883C DM5404J DM5404J/883B DM5405J/883B
DM5406J DM5406J/883 DM5406J/883B DM5406J/883C
DM5407-J DM5407J/883B DM5407J883C DM5408J
DM5408J/883 DM5408J/883B DM5409 DM5409J/883B
DM54109J DM54109J-MIL DM54109J/883 DM54109J/883B
DM54109J/883C DM5410J DM5410J/883B DM5410J/883QS
DM5410W DM5410W/883 DM5410W/883B DM5410W/883C
DM5411J/883B DM54123J DM54125J/883B DM54145J-MIL
DM54148J DM5414J/883C DM54150J/883B DM54153J/883B
DM54154J/883 DM54154J/883B DM54154J/8883 DM54155J/883B
DM54155J/883C DM54157J/883B DM54157J/883C DM54160AJ/883C
DM54163AJ/883B DM54163AJ/883C DM54164 DM54164J
DM54165 DM54165J/883B DM54173J/883B DM54175J
DM5417J DM5417J/883 DM5417J/883B DM5417J/883C
DM54181J/883B DM54191J/883 DM54193J/883B DM54194J
DM54196J/883B DM54196J/883C DM5420J/883B DM5420J/883C
DM54285J DM5430 DM5430J/883B DM54365J/883
DM54365J/883B DM54366J/883B DM54367J/883B DM54367J/883C
DM54368J/883B DM5437J/883B DM5438J/883B DM5438J/883C
DM5442 DM5446AJ/883B DM5447AJ/883B DM5451
DM5460J DM5464J DM5473 DM5474J/883B