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Headway Stock List
390185-6 390195-6 390215-6 3902381
390240-1 390241-1 390261-2 390261-3
390261-4 390261-5 390261-6 390261-8
3902612 390262-2 390262-5 390263-2
3903383 390377-7 390378-7 390402-3
3906 3908-0002T 390A5006B1208M4 390A500INF1810H3
390AB011M1403L 390AS008NF160BH4C102 390AS011M1002GS 390AS011M1002L3
390AS011M1202L3 390AS011M1203L3 390AS011M1404L3 390AS011M2206L3
390AS012M1204L3 390AS012M1604L3 390AS012M1604L3-102 390AS01M2204L3
390D14 390DS009M1004C6 390DS009M1006C6 390DS009M1206C6
390DS009M2210C6 390ES002B1806A4 390ES002B1816A4 390ES035NF1006A4
390FA001B1404A 390FS009M0804C6 390FS009M1204C6 390FS009M1206C6
390FS009M1404C6 390FS009M1406C6 390FS009M1408C6 390FS009M1608C6
390FS009M160C6 390GS013NF1508H4 390H5012M130315 390HS001N1708HS
390HS001NF2116H6 390HS012MN1706LS 390S3W/VAL-3 391
3910-0000T 3910-0010T 3910-2010T 3910001
391000200 39103-13 3914-0000T 3914-0010T
39142 39143 39144 39145
39148 39149 3916-0000T 3916A
391960-1 391H509B5-35AC 392-06898-0375 3920-0000T
39218 39222807200 3922316-01 3925-0
3925-2 3926-0000T 3926-2000T 39263040
39267207 3927 39276063 39280038
39280108 39281043 39281055 39285403
392JA-10K-S 392JA10K 3930-00-659-3226 3930-0000T
39300R 39301220 39303035 39303055
39308001 39313056 3934 3934-0000
3934-0000T 3934-000T 3940-0000T 3940-000T
3940-6 3940S04 3940S050000 3940S060000
3940S120000 3941P02R000 3941P03V000 3941P05R000
3941P07R000 3941P08V000 3941P12V000 39420
394462 39494 3949S060000 395
395-086-540-201 3950-0000T 3950-0010 3950-0010T
39500000T 3950S030000 3950S05000 3950S050000
3951-2TG-30721A 3951-2TT-30721 3951-2TT-30723B 39513120
395149-1 3953TCB00V2 3953TCB0AV2 3954-100A
3954-2TT-40721A 3956-2TT-20304B 395938-2 395938-6
396-000 396-88-13-755-000-E2 3960S08000 3964-0000T
3964-COVER 39655-02 3967-34 3970002
39741 3979TCB 3979TCB0000 398.1
3983TCB0000 398482-1 39860-1006 39860-1010
39861-0710 3986P02V000 3986P18V000 3986P20V000
3986P8V000 39880-0104 399-10-132-10-009 399-91-103-10-003
39901 399010030 39914520 39914550
39920-0103 39920-0108 39920-0110 39920-0111
39921 399591-LP 399597-LP 399598-LP
399599-LP 39C821DB 39D108G025GL4 39D206F250EL4
39D218G040JP4 39D248G030JP4 39D256F150EJ4 39D408G015JL6
39D507G040GJ4 39D508G010HP4 39D757G050JJ6 39D8000UF-15VDC
39D808G015JT4 39E14W1 39GGG-3D 39JR184-2
39LF400A-55-4C-B3KE 39LF400A-55-4C-EK 39LF800A-55-4C-B3KE 39M01
39M01CPAK 39M01CPAL 39P106-1 39P132-3
39SF010-90-4C-PH 39SF010A-70-4C-NHE 39SF010A-70-4C-PHE 39SF010A-70-4C-WH
39SF010A-70-4C-WHE 39SF020-90-4C-PH 39SF020/70-4C-NH 39SF02090-4C-PH
39SF020A-70-4C-NHE 39SF020A-70-4C-PH 39SF020A-70-4C-WHE 39SF020A-70-4I-NHE
39SF040-70-4C-NHE 39SF040-70-4C-PHE 39SF040-70-4C-WHE 39SF040-70-4I-NH
39TB-10 39TB-12 39VF010-70-4C-NHE 39VF010704CWH
39VF020-70-4C-NHE 39VF020-70-4C-WHE 39VF020-70-4I-NH 39VF020904CWH
39VF040-70-4C-NHE 39VF040-70-4C-WH 39VF040-70-4C-WHE 39VF040-70-4I-NHE
39VF040-70-4I-WH 39VF040-70-4I-WHE 39VF040-90-4C-NH 39VF080-70-4C-EI
39VF088-70-4C-EKE 39VF1601-70-4C-EKE 39VF1601-70-4I-EKE 39VF1681-70-4C-EKE
39VF3201-70-4C-EKE 39VF400A-70-4C-EKE 39VF400A-70-4I-EKE 39VF512-70-4C-NHE
39VF6401B-70-4C-EKE 39VF800-70-4C-EK 39VF800A 39VF800A-70-4C-EK
39VF800A-70-4C-EKE 3A 3A102A101JAA 3A140
3A240-20001HF 3A250VAC 3A25OVAC 3A5R5
3A9335AB 3AB15APT 3AG-1-1/4A 3AG-12A-32V
3AG-25A 3AG-25A-32V 3AG-7A 3AG1-3/4A
3AG1/10 3AG1/4A 3AG112A 3AG2
3AG2A 3AG4 3AGHER 3AH10/1JN5
3B32-01 3B39 3BF 3BF-
3BF-150 3BF-151 3BS2B 3BSC170024R2
3BT2A 3BUA24VDC 3BW2 3C-12-PW
3C-95032 3C0020-026 3C0020E-010 3C0020E-024
3C023104X0500C5 3C139A 3C150 3C160
3C16922 3C1E20.0000MR 3C20Z5U335M050B 3C37Z5U225M050B
3C40Z5U475M50B 3C46 3C509B-TP 3C509TP
3C540 3C541 3C589B-TP 3C6311-001
3C70C 3C87SX40 3C905-TX 3C905CTXM
3C905TX 3C92C 3C995-T 3CCA00185AAW
3CMP00049AAD 3CR206-286 3CRF000158HD 3CSOHO100-TX
3CZ5U474X0050C5 3D215PRO 3D220 3D40BA
3D7010G-50 3D7010S-1501 3D7010S-50 3D7110G-5
3D7304-10 3DD13001 3DD13002 3DD13002B
3DD13003T 3DD15D 3DH33-500/U10-1.6 3DL41A
3DR25-1044/X68-1.6 3DR25-1116/X68-1.6 3DR25-1188/X68-1.6 3DR25-1260/X68-1.6
3DR25-1332/X68-1.6 3DR25-972/X68-1.6 3E0ABB 3E57C1308A-12R
3EF1 3EF1F 3EGG1-1 3EP1
3F01-111 3F01-141 3F01-151 3F0ABB
3F23A 3F84BBXZZ-TWRB 3FC13 3FD-316
3FD-524 3FS-410 3FV-5500/X200-OP/0 3G3JV-A2001
3G71 3GJ152V 3GSTRU4 3GT
3GU21VS 3H0400010820S4.000000MHZ 3H04915162216SP 3H230AF5
3HD23S15-01 3HD30S15-01 3HE1EVB478MHA22025 3HLB400S-40.000MHZ
3HPV33118 3HPV33119 3IB40-145/X15 3IQ125-150
3JD2CA1A 3JH61 3JX3212 3JX5425C
3K01KS9G 3K1/85% 3K30.6SW1 3K3214W1
3K5714W1 3K614W1 3K91W1 3K95%0.25W