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Headway Stock List
2SC4460 2SC4461 2SC4466 2SC4467
2SC4468 2SC4471 2SC4471A 2SC4473
2SC4474 2SC4475 2SC4476 2SC4477
2SC4478 2SC4479 2SC4485SAN 2SC4492
2SC4493 2SC4494 2SC4495 2SC4496
2SC4497O 2SC4499L 2SC4499S 2SC4500L
2SC4500S 2SC4501L 2SC4501S 2SC4505
2SC4505P 2SC4507 2SC4508 2SC4509
2SC4510 2SC4511 2SC4512 2SC4517
2SC4517A 2SC4518 2SC4518A 2SC4520S
2SC4522 2SC4523 2SC4529 2SC4531
2SC4532 2SC4533 2SC4536-T1-QS 2SC4538
2SC4539 2SC454 2SC4540 2SC4541
2SC4542 2SC4544 2SC4546 2SC4547
2SC4548DTD 2SC4548E 2SC4549 2SC4550
2SC4551 2SC4552 2SC4553 2SC4554
2SC4555 2SC4557 2SC4558 2SC4559
2SC4560 2SC4562R 2SC4563 2SC4564
2SC4565 2SC4566 2SC4569T2B 2SC4570
2SC4570T2 2SC4571 2SC4572 2SC4573
2SC4574 2SC4576 2SC4577 2SC4578
2SC4579 2SC458 2SC4580 2SC4581
2SC4582 2SC4583 2SC4584 2SC4585
2SC4586 2SC4587 2SC4589 2SC458BRR
2SC458C 2SC458KC 2SC4594 2SC4595
2SC4596 2SC4597 2SC4598 2SC4599
2SC460 2SC4600 2SC4601 2SC4602
2SC4603 2SC4604 2SC4605 2SC460B
2SC4613 2SC4615 2SC4616 2SC4617
2SC4617R 2SC4617TLQ 2SC4617TLR 2SC4621
2SC4622 2SC4623 2SC4627 2SC4627D
2SC4630 2SC4631 2SC4632 2SC4632R
2SC4633 2SC4634 2SC4634LSCB11 2SC4635
2SC4636 2SC4637 2SC4638 2SC4639
2SC4641 2SC4647 2SC4648 2SC4652
2SC4653 2SC4655 2SC4655B 2SC4657
2SC4658 2SC4659 2SC4660 2SC4662
2SC4663 2SC4664 2SC4666 2SC4666B
2SC4667O 2SC4668 2SC4669 2SC4672
2SC4672T100Q 2SC4675 2SC4678 2SC4679
2SC4681 2SC4682 2SC4684 2SC4685
2SC4686 2SC4686A 2SC4686A(Q) 2SC4687
2SC4688 2SC4689 2SC4690 2SC4691
2SC4692 2SC4693 2SC4704 2SC4706
2SC4707 2SC4708 2SC4709 2SC4710
2SC4714 2SC4719 2SC4720 2SC4721
2SC4722 2SC4725 2SC473 2SC4738G
2SC4738GR 2SC4738VLY 2SC4738Y 2SC4740
2SC4741 2SC4742 2SC4743 2SC4744
2SC4745 2SC4746 2SC4747 2SC4754
2SC4757 2SC4758 2SC4759 2SC4760
2SC4761 2SC4762 2SC4763 2SC4764
2SC4765 2SC4766 2SC4767 2SC4768
2SC4769 2SC4770 2SC4774T106S 2SC4781
2SC4783 2SC4783T1 2SC4784YA 2SC4786
2SC4789 2SC4791YA 2SC4793 2SC4793(F)
2SC4793LB 2SC4795 2SC4796 2SC4797
2SC4799 2SC4800 2SC4801 2SC4802
2SC4803 2SC4804 2SC4806 2SC4809Q
2SC4811 2SC4820 2SC482701 2SC4828
2SC4829 2SC4830 2SC4831 2SC4833
2SC4833M 2SC4834 2SC4835S(TX) 2SC4839
2SC4841 2SC4842 2SC4843 2SC4845
2SC4846 2SC4847 2SC4871 2SC4874
2SC4875 2SC4877 2SC4878 2SC4879
2SC4880 2SC4881 2SC4881(F) 2SC4882
2SC4883 2SC4883A 2SC4885 2SC4886
2SC4890 2SC4891 2SC4895 2SC4897
2SC4898 2SC4899 2SC4899YH 2SC4903
2SC4906 2SC4907 2SC4908 2SC4912
2SC4913 2SC4916 2SC4917 2SC492
2SC4923 2SC4924 2SC4927 2SC4928
2SC493 2SC4934 2SC4935 2SC4935-Y(Q)
2SC4937 2SC4938 2SC4939 2SC494
2SC4941 2SC4942 2SC4943 2SC495
2SC4953 2SC4957 2SC4958 2SC4959
2SC4959T1 2SC495Y 2SC496 2SC4961
2SC4962 2SC4963 2SC4965 2SC4965YV
2SC4965YVTL 2SC4968 2SC4973 2SC4976
2SC4977 2SC4978 2SC4979 2SC4984S-TD
2SC4988FRTR 2SC499 2SC4995 2SC4998
2SC5000 2SC5002 2SC5003 2SC5004
2SC5005T1 2SC5006 2SC5008 2SC5010
2SC5010-T1 2SC5010T1 2SC5011T1 2SC5015
2SC5016 2SC5022 2SC5022-2 2SC502202
2SC5023 2SC5024 2SC5025 2SC5027
2SC5032 2SC5034 2SC5035 2SC5036
2SC5036A 2SC5037 2SC5037A 2SC5039
2SC5041 2SC5042 2SC5043 2SC5044
2SC5045 2SC5046 2SC5047 2SC5048
2SC5050YSTL 2SC5050YZTL 2SC5053 2SC5053Q
2SC5057 2SC5058 2SC5061 2SC5062
2SC5063 2SC5064Y 2SC5065 2SC5066-Y
2SC5066O 2SC5066Y 2SC5067 2SC5068
2SC5068A 2SC5071 2SC5077 2SC5077A
2SC5084 2SC5086Y 2SC5088 2SC509
2SC5090R 2SC5092O 2SC5093O 2SC5095O
2SC5096R 2SC5099 2SC5100 2SC5101
2SC5103 2SC5105 2SC5107Y 2SC5112
2SC5113 2SC5114 2SC5115 2SC5116
2SC5117 2SC5118 2SC5119 2SC5120