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Headway Stock List
2SA1162-GR(F) 2SA1162-Y(F) 2SA1162-Y(TE85L.F) 2SA1162GR
2SA1162TE85L 2SA1162YSY 2SA1162YT5LM 2SA1162YTE85L
2SA1173 2SA1175 2SA1179 2SA1182-Y(F)
2SA1185 2SA1186 2SA12010TE12L 2SA1203-Y
2SA1203Y 2SA1205 2SA1207S 2SA1207SAA
2SA1208T-AE 2SA120A 2SA1213-Y(C.F) 2SA1215
2SA1216 2SA1220 2SA1220A-Y 2SA1225-Y(Q)
2SA1227 2SA1227A 2SA1232 2SA1235T122F
2SA1236 2SA1241-Y(Q) 2SA1242 2SA1242-Y(Q)
2SA1243 2SA1244-Y 2SA1244-Y(Q) 2SA1244Y
2SA1258 2SA1259 2SA1260 2SA1261
2SA1262 2SA1263 2SA1263-O 2SA1264
2SA1265 2SA1266 2SA1268KEC 2SA1270
2SA1271 2SA1273 2SA1275 2SA1276
2SA1282 2SA1288 2SA1289 2SA1290
2SA1291 2SA1292 2SA1293 2SA1293LC2
2SA1294 2SA1294Y 2SA1295 2SA1296
2SA1296-GR(F) 2SA1296GR 2SA1297-GR(F) 2SA1297-Y(F)
2SA1300 2SA1300-GR 2SA1301 2SA1301-O
2SA1302 2SA1303 2SA1304 2SA1305
2SA1306 2SA1306A 2SA1306B 2SA1307
2SA1313-Y(F) 2SA1313-Y(TE85L.F) 2SA1314 2SA1315
2SA1315-Y 2SA1315-Y(F) 2SA1318 2SA1320
2SA1327 2SA1328 2SA1329 2SA1330T1
2SA133105TB 2SA1332 2SA13385TB 2SA1356
2SA1356-Y(Q) 2SA1357 2SA1357-Y 2SA1357-Y(Q)
2SA1358 2SA1358-O 2SA1358-Y(Q) 2SA1359
2SA1359-Y(Q) 2SA1360 2SA1362GR 2SA1371
2SA1382 2SA1383 2SA13840J0TE12L 2SA1385-Z-E1
2SA1386 2SA1386A 2SA1387 2SA1388
2SA1393 2SA1394 2SA1395 2SA1395-K
2SA1396 2SA1397 2SA1398 2SA1399
2SA1400 2SA1406 2SA1408-O(Q) 2SA1411
2SA1413 2SA1425-Y 2SA1425-Y(F) 2SA1428
2SA1428-Y(F) 2SA1429-Y(F) 2SA1431 2SA1440
2SA1441 2SA1442 2SA1443 2SA1444
2SA1451 2SA1451A-Y(F) 2SA1452 2SA1452A-Y(F)
2SA1469 2SA1469REPNSB2 2SA1470 2SA1471
2SA1474 2SA1475 2SA1476 2SA1480E
2SA1488 2SA148890Y 2SA1488A 2SA1489
2SA1490 2SA1491 2SA1491Y 2SA1492
2SA1494 2SA1494-Y 2SA1499 2SA1500
2SA1501 2SA1513 2SA1514KT146S 2SA1516
2SA1533 2SA1534 2SA1534A 2SA1535
2SA1535A 2SA1538D 2SA1552 2SA1552S
2SA1553 2SA1560 2SA1567 2SA1568
2SA1575E-TD 2SA1576 2SA1576A 2SA1576AT106R
2SA1576AT106S 2SA1576Q 2SA1576R 2SA1576T106S
2SA1576T107S 2SA1577 2SA1577Q 2SA1585
2SA1586-GR(T5L.F.T) 2SA1586-Y(F) 2SA1588-Y(F) 2SA1596
2SA1606 2SA1614 2SA1615 2SA1619
2SA1619A 2SA1619AR(TA) 2SA1625 2SA1625T
2SA1626-K 2SA1633 2SA1634 2SA1635
2SA1641 2SA1643 2SA1644 2SA1645
2SA1646 2SA1647-Z-K-E1-AZ 2SA1648 2SA1650
2SA1651 2SA1652 2SA1657 2SA1658
2SA1659 2SA1667 2SA1668 2SA1668Y
2SA1670 2SA1671 2SA1672 2SA1673
2SA1679 2SA1684 2SA1689 2SA1693
2SA1694 2SA1695 2SA1696 2SA1697
2SA1705S 2SA1706S 2SA1706SAN 2SA1707
2SA1718 2SA1719 2SA1720 2SA1725
2SA1726 2SA1727TLQ 2SA1736 2SA1738TX
2SA1741 2SA1742 2SA1743 2SA1744
2SA1751 2SA1752 2SA1753-7-TB 2SA1757
2SA1766-TD 2SA1767PQ 2SA1771 2SA1774
2SA1776TV2P 2SA1788 2SA1789 2SA1796
2SA1797 2SA1797T1000Q 2SA1797T100Q 2SA1797T101Q
2SA1797T2000Q 2SA1803 2SA1804 2SA1805
2SA1807 2SA1812 2SA1815GR 2SA1822(F)
2SA1833 2SA1834 2SA1834TLR 2SA1837
2SA1837(F) 2SA1859 2SA1859A 2SA1860
2SA1869 2SA1869-Y(Q) 2SA1870S 2SA1887
2SA1907 2SA1908 2SA1909 2SA1930
2SA1930(Q) 2SA1931 2SA1931(Q) 2SA1939
2SA1940 2SA1940-O(Q) 2SA1941 2SA1941-O(Q)
2SA1942 2SA1942-O 2SA1943 2SA1943-0
2SA1943-O 2SA1943-O(Q) 2SA1943-OQ(TOS) 2SA1952
2SA1962 2SA1964 2SA1979YAT 2SA1980GAT
2SA1980SG 2SA1986 2SA1987-O 2SA1987-O(Q)
2SA2003 2SA2006E 2SA201000L 2SA2012-TD
2SA2022 2SA2022EPNSA 2SA2039 2SA223
2SA239 2SA2412K 2SA355 2SA373A
2SA454 2SA467 2SA473 2SA489
2SA490 2SA495 2SA496 2SA502
2SA505 2SA509 2SA537 2SA537A
2SA539 2SA539C 2SA546 2SA560
2SA562 2SA562TM-Y(F) 2SA564 2SA574
2SA608 2SA614 2SA614FSC 2SA642
2SA648 2SA649 2SA650 2SA651
2SA656 2SA657 2SA658 2SA659
2SA659D 2SA659E 2SA663 2SA666
2SA666A 2SA66A 2SA670 2SA671
2SA673 2SA673AC 2SA673ACTZ-E 2SA673AKCTZ-E
2SA673HIT 2SA675 2SA679 2SA680
2SA681 2SA682 2SA683 2SA683-Y
2SA684 2SA684-Y 2SA684R 2SA685
2SA695 2SA696 2SA697 2SA700
2SA701 2SA702 2SA707 2SA708A
2SA708FSC 2SA709 2SA713 2SA714
2SA715 2SA718 2SA719 2SA720