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Headway Stock List
2N5539 2N554 2N5543 2N5545
2N555 2N5550 2N5551 2N5551-HS
2N5552 2N5555 2N5556 2N5564
2N5565 2N5566 2N5569 2N5578
2N55783 2N5581 2N5582 2N5583
2N5589 2N559 2N5590 2N5591
2N5595 2N5597 2N560 2N5605
2N561 2N5620 2N5621 2N5629
2N5630 2N5631 2N5637 2N5638
2N5639 2N5640 2N5641 2N5643
2N5653 2N5654 2N5655 2N5657
2N5659 2N5660 2N5661 2N5662
2N5663 2N5664 2N5664B 2N5665
2N5666 2N5667 2N567 2N5671
2N5672 2N5672CRC 2N5679 2N5679-S
2N5679/ 2N5680 2N5681 2N5681-S
2N5682 2N5683 2N5684 2N5685
2N5686 2N5745 2N575 2N5752
2N5755 2N5757 2N5758 2N575A
2N5760 2N5769 2N5770 2N5771
2N5772 2N5777 2N5778 2N5779
2N578 2N5781 2N5782 2N5784
2N5786 2N579 2N5804 2N5805
2N5817 2N5818 2N582 2N5821
2N5823 2N5827 2N5829 2N5830
2N5831 2N5835 2N5836 2N5838
2N5846 2N5847 2N5849 2N585
2N5859 2N586 2N5862 2N5868
2N5871 2N5874 2N5875 2N5878
2N5880 2N5881 2N5882 2N5883
2N5884 2N5885 2N5886 2N5893
2N5899 2N5907 2N5909 2N591
2N5911 2N5912 2N5913 2N5918
2N594 2N5942 2N5943 2N5944
2N5949 2N5950 2N5951 2N5952
2N5953 2N5954 2N5955 2N5961
2N5962 2N597 2N5976 2N5977
2N598 2N5986 2N599 2N5990
2N5991 2N600 2N6000 2N6008
2N601 2N6015 2N6016 2N6020
2N6023 2N6026 2N6027 2N6027G
2N6028 2N6028B 2N6028RLRA 2N6030
2N6031 2N6033 2N6034 2N6035
2N6036 2N6036MRC 2N6037 2N6038
2N6040 2N6041 2N6042 2N6043
2N6045 2N6049 2N6050 2N6051
2N6052 2N6053 2N6055 2N6056
2N6057 2N6058 2N6059 2N6070
2N6071A 2N6071B 2N6072 2N6073
2N6073A 2N6073B 2N6075B 2N6076
2N6077 2N6079 2N6080 2N6081
2N6083 2N6084 2N6101 2N6103
2N6106 2N6107 2N6107/MOT 2N6107/RCA
2N6109 2N611 2N6111 2N6114
2N6121 2N6122 2N6124 2N6124/
2N6125 2N6126 2N6137 2N6138
2N6146 2N6152 2N6165 2N6166
2N6172 2N6177 2N6178 2N6180
2N6181 2N6187 2N619 2N6190
2N6191 2N6192 2N6193 2N6199
2N6211 2N6212 2N6213 2N6216
2N6228 2N6233 2N6233MOT 2N6237
2N6242 2N6246 2N6247 2N6248
2N6249 2N6250 2N6251 2N6258
2N6259 2N6264 2N6274 2N6277
2N6278 2N6282 2N6283 2N6284
2N6285 2N6286 2N6287 2N629
2N6290 2N6292 2N6294 2N6295
2N6296 2N6297 2N6298 2N6299
2N630 2N6300 2N6301 2N6301JANTXV
2N6304 2N6306 2N6307 2N6308
2N6313 2N6315 2N6317 2N6318
2N632 2N6323 2N6324 2N6327
2N6328 2N6331 2N6338 2N6339
2N6341 2N6342 2N6347A 2N6348A
2N634A 2N635 2N6350 2N6351
2N6352 2N6352JAN 2N6352JANTX 2N6353
2N6353JANTX 2N6354 2N6359 2N636
2N6368 2N636A 2N6377 2N6378
2N638 2N6383 2N6384 2N6386
2N6387 2N6388 2N638A 2N638B
2N6394 2N6395 2N6397 2N6399
2N64 2N6400 2N6404 2N6406
2N6408 2N6421 2N6423 2N6426
2N6427 2N6429 2N6431 2N6433
2N6436 2N6437 2N6438 2N6439
2N645 2N6450 2N6453 2N6457
2N6467 2N6468 2N647 2N6473
2N6474 2N6483 2N6486 2N6487
2N6488 2N6489 2N6490 2N6491
2N6497 2N6499 2N6500 2N6504
2N6505 2N6507 2N6508 2N6509
2N650A 2N6512 2N6514 2N6516ZL1
2N6517 2N6519 2N652 2N6520
2N6520RLRA 2N652A 2N6532 2N6534
2N654 2N6543 2N6545 2N6546
2N6547 2N6549 2N6551 2N6556
2N656 2N6569 2N656A 2N657
2N6574 2N6578 2N657A 2N6583
2N6593 2N6603/ 2N6648 2N665
2N6650 2N6656 2N6657 2N6659