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Headway Stock List
2N4169 2N417 2N4170 2N4172
2N4183 2N4184 2N4208 2N4209
2N4209/ 2N4213 2N4215 2N422
2N4220 2N4220A 2N4222 2N4227
2N4228 2N4232 2N4232A 2N4233
2N4234 2N4235 2N4236 2N4237
2N4238 2N4239 2N424 2N4240
2N4248 2N4249 2N425 2N4250
2N4251 2N4258 2N4259 2N426
2N4260 2N4261 2N4261JANTX 2N4264
2N427 2N4275 2N428 2N4283
2N4286 2N4286B 2N4288 2N4289
2N4291 2N4293 2N4295 2N43
2N4301 2N4302 2N4303 2N4304
2N4338 2N4339 2N433CJ 2N4341
2N4341-2 2N4342 2N4347 2N4351
2N4352 2N4354 2N4360 2N4364
2N4371 2N4373 2N439 2N4391
2N4392 2N4392/ 2N4392A 2N4393
2N4398 2N4399 2N43A 2N44
2N440 2N4400 2N4401 2N4401(T0220)
2N4401(T092) 2N4401-A 2N4401-B 2N4401/ALLEGRO
2N4401/D26Z 2N4401/NATIONAL 2N4401N 2N4401ZL1
2N4402 2N4403 2N4403/ 2N4403/R
2N4403/TO-18 2N4403/TO-18/FSC 2N4403/TO-5 2N4403/TO-5/FSC
2N4403RLRA 2N4403RLRP 2N4403TPE1 2N4404
2N4405 2N4406 2N4407 2N440A
2N4410 2N4416 2N4416A 2N442
2N4424 2N4427 2N4429 2N443
2N4436 2N4443 2N4444 2N444A
2N4453 2N445A 2N446A 2N447
2N447A 2N447B 2N45 2N456
2N456B 2N457 2N457A 2N457B
2N458 2N458A 2N458B 2N459
2N461 2N462 2N463 2N465
2N467 2N470 2N474A 2N478
2N479H 2N480 2N484 2N4853
2N4854 2N4856 2N4857 2N4857JANTX
2N4858 2N4858F 2N486 2N4860
2N4860A 2N4861 2N4863 2N4867
2N4867A 2N4868 2N4875 2N489
2N4891 2N4893 2N4896 2N4898
2N4899 2N489A 2N489B 2N490
2N4900 2N4902 2N4903 2N4904
2N4905 2N4906 2N490B 2N491
2N4910 2N4911 2N4912 2N4914
2N4915 2N4916 2N4919 2N491B
2N492 2N4920 2N4921 2N4922
2N4923 2N4924 2N4927 2N4929
2N493 2N4930JAN 2N493A 2N4948
2N4949 2N494B 2N494C 2N4953
2N4957 2N496 2N497 2N497A
2N498 2N499 2N499A 2N5003
2N5004 2N5005 2N501 2N5015
2N5016 2N501A 2N502 2N5022
2N5023 2N502A 2N5035 2N5038
2N5039 2N505 2N5050 2N5052
2N5058 2N5059 2N506 2N5060
2N5061 2N5062 2N5064 2N5066
2N5067 2N5069 2N5070 2N5071
2N5075 2N508 2N5082 2N5085
2N5086 2N5087 2N5087RLRA 2N5088
2N5089 2N508A 2N5096 2N5097
2N5108 2N5109 2N511 2N5114
2N5115 2N5116 2N511B 2N5127
2N512B 2N5132 2N5133 2N5135
2N5139 2N514A 2N5150 2N5152
2N5153 2N5153L 2N5154 2N5154L
2N5156 2N5157 2N5160 2N5163
2N5171 2N5172 2N5179 2N5179/
2N5179MIL 2N5189 2N5190 2N5191
2N5194 2N5195 2N5196 2N5202
2N5209 2N520A 2N5210 2N5210TFR
2N5212 2N5221 2N5222 2N5223
2N5224 2N5225 2N5226 2N5232A
2N5237 2N5239 2N5240 2N5241
2N5241/188 2N5245 2N5246 2N5247
2N5248 2N525 2N526 2N5262
2N5265 2N5268 2N527 2N5271
2N5278 2N527A 2N5292 2N5293
2N5294 2N5295 2N5296 2N5298
2N5301 2N5302 2N5302/ 2N5303
2N5305 2N5306 2N5307 2N5308
2N5320 2N5321 2N5322 2N5322/FUJI
2N5322/IDI 2N5322/MOT 2N5322/SGS 2N5323
2N5329 2N5330 2N5335 2N5354
2N535B 2N5365 2N5366 2N5367
2N5368 2N5370 2N5376 2N538A
2N539 2N5396R 2N5397 2N5400
2N5401 2N5401-HS 2N5401ZL1 2N5406
2N541 2N5410 2N5415 2N5416
2N5416B 2N5416JX 2N5416S 2N5417
2N542 2N5420 2N543 2N5430
2N5431 2N5432 2N5433 2N5433-E3
2N5434 2N5439 2N544 2N5447
2N5448 2N5449 2N545 2N5452
2N5457 2N5457RL 2N5458 2N5459
2N5460 2N5461 2N5462 2N547
2N5474 2N5484 2N5485 2N5486
2N549 2N5490 2N5492 2N5494
2N5496 2N550 2N551 2N5522