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Headway Stock List
2N3280 2N3284 2N3287 2N3288
2N3289 2N328A 2N329 2N3290
2N3295 2N3296 2N3297 2N3298
2N329A 2N3300 2N3303 2N3307
2N3308 2N330A 2N331 2N332
2N3323 2N332A 2N333 2N3330
2N3331 2N3337 2N334 2N334A
2N335 2N3350 2N3351A 2N3352
2N335A 2N336 2N3368 2N336A
2N337 2N3375 2N3378/ 2N337A
2N338 2N3386 2N339 2N3390
2N3391 2N3391A 2N3392 2N3402
2N3403 2N3404 2N3405 2N341
2N3411 2N3412 2N3414 2N3415
2N3416 2N3417 2N3418 2N342
2N3420 2N3421 2N3421JAN 2N3421JANS
2N3424 2N343 2N3436 2N3439
2N3439JX 2N3439L 2N344 2N3440
2N3440/MOT 2N3440/NSC 2N3440/RCA 2N3440/SGS
2N3441 2N3442 2N3445 2N345
2N3467 2N3468 2N347 2N3478
2N3486A 2N3494 2N3497 2N3498
2N3498JANTX 2N3499 2N35 2N35.
2N3501 2N3501L 2N3502 2N3503
2N3504 2N3506 2N3506JANTX 2N3507
2N3507JANTX 2N3507L 2N3509 2N350A
2N3511 2N352 2N3525 2N3526
2N353 2N3544 2N3546 2N3553
2N3563 2N3564 2N3565 2N3566
2N3567 2N3568 2N3569 2N358
2N3583 2N3584 2N3585 2N3599
2N3600 2N3605 2N3608 2N361
2N3611 2N3613 2N3614 2N3616
2N363 2N3631 2N3632 2N3632-01
2N3634 2N3635 2N3636 2N3636JAN
2N3637 2N3637JANTX 2N3638 2N3638A
2N3642 2N3644 2N3645 2N3646
2N365 2N3662 2N3663 2N3668
2N3669 2N3670 2N3673 2N3677
2N368 2N369 2N3692 2N3693
2N3694 2N3700 2N3700JAN 2N3700JANTX
2N3702 2N3703 2N3704 2N3705
2N3706 2N3707 2N3708 2N3709
2N3710 2N3711 2N3713 2N3714
2N3715 2N3716 2N3719 2N3720
2N3722 2N3724 2N3724A 2N3725
2N3725A 2N3726 2N3728 2N3735
2N3736 2N3737 2N3738 2N3739
2N3740 2N3740JAN 2N3740JANTX 2N3741
2N3741A 2N3743 2N3748 2N3749
2N3749X 2N375 2N3762 2N3763
2N3763A 2N3765 2N3766 2N3767
2N377 2N3771 2N3772 2N3773
2N3773(ST) 2N377A 2N378 2N3785
2N379 2N3790 2N3791 2N3791JANTX
2N3792 2N3794 2N3796 2N3797
2N3798 2N3799 2N3799/ASI 2N3803
2N3805 2N381 2N3810 2N3811
2N3811JANTX 2N3814 2N3819 2N382
2N3820 2N3821 2N3822 2N3823
2N3824 2N3825 2N3829 2N383
2N3830 2N3839 2N384 2N3846
2N385 2N3851 2N3855A 2N3856
2N3859A 2N3866 2N3866-MIL 2N3866A
2N3866A/ 2N3866AJANTX 2N3866CSON 2N3866CTC
2N3867 2N3867L 2N3868 2N3868/
2N3868AS 2N3868S 2N3870 2N3877
2N3877A 2N3878 2N3879 2N3880
2N3887 2N389 2N3893 2N3896
2N3902 2N3903 2N3904 2N3904-T05/NSC
2N3904-TR/NSC 2N3904/ALLEGRO 2N3904/FSC 2N3904/MOT
2N3904A 2N3904BV 2N3904RLRA 2N3904RLRE
2N3905 2N3906 2N3906-T05 2N3906/
2N3906/MOT 2N3906M 2N3906RLRA 2N3909
2N3910 2N3913 2N392 2N3923
2N393 2N3930 2N3933 2N3935
2N394 2N3945 2N3946 2N3947
2N3956 2N3957 2N3958 2N3959
2N396 2N3960 2N3961 2N3962
2N3963 2N3964 2N3966 2N396A
2N397 2N3970 2N3972 2N3972/
2N398 2N398-9 2N3980 2N3987
2N398A 2N398B 2N3993 2N3994
2N3997 2N4001 2N4003 2N4007
2N401 2N4012 2N4012(TRASISTOR) 2N4012624
2N4014 2N4026 2N4029 2N4030
2N4031 2N4032 2N4033 2N4033/
2N4034 2N4035 2N4036 2N40361
2N4037 2N404 2N4042 2N4044
2N4045 2N4046 2N4046651 2N404A
2N4058 2N4059 2N4062 2N4063
2N406Z 2N407 2N4072 2N4073
2N4074 2N408 2N4091 2N4091JTX
2N4092 2N4093 2N409CE 2N4100
2N4101 2N4102 2N4104 2N4117
2N4117A 2N4117A-1 2N4117A-E3 2N4119A
2N4122 2N4123 2N4123RLRA 2N4124
2N4125 2N4125TE2 2N4126 2N4137
2N4139 2N413A 2N414 2N4141
2N4143 2N4145 2N4148 2N414A
2N4150 2N4150JAN 2N4158 2N416